about_hartman_roofing Quite often the life of a roof can be extended by addressing typical roofing problems that are often over looked. Examples are cracked or broken shingles, wind damaged roofing, improper or missing flashing, etc… A professional inspection and proper maintenance will prevent unwanted, expensive leak problems and could possibly extend the life of your existing roof.

Having a roof maintenance plan in place can extend the useful life of any roof, as well as protect the contents of the building. Because of this, roof preventative maintenance makes good economic sense.

We appreciate how frustrating it can be when your roof needs repair. One of our representatives will respond to your request in a prompt manner. Thank you for your consideration when choosing a roofer.

Contact Hartman Roofing & Maintenance for more information about residential homes and commercial roofing inspection and maintenance on the sunrise coast and its surrounding areas. One of our Roofing Specialists will assist you with any questions; call 989-739-7923.


Solving any of your roofing problems!

Hartman Roofing and Maintenance, Inc. has earned a reputation for roofing and repair expertise, stellar customer service and attention to detail. In addition to having a strong and successful roofing track record, we are known for a high installation efficiency and quality workmanship when working on new construction, re-roofs or roofing repairs. When you need the world’s best roofers look no further than Hartman Roofing.

Our team will walk you through the process of selecting a roof that meets your unique needs, style and budget. From standard shingle roofs to tile roofs and even steel roofs, Hartman Roofing is here to help you with your roofing project. Hartman Roofing & Maintenance, Inc. is fully licensed and insured for our customers’ protection and peace of mind. We look forward to learning how we can assist you on your next commercial or residential roofing or construction project.